The Patch The Pirate Club...



Patch the Pirate Club is part of a ministry started over 30 years ago by Ron” Patch” Hamilton when he lost his left eye to cancer. It was created especially to help children come to Christ and grow in His love. We use music, Scripture memory, Bible lesson application, fun pages and a Daily Devotional guide to work together to promote Godly character in your child’s life.

Here at Open Door we have children ages 5-12 who meet together at 6:00 P.M. each Sunday night. Children wear a uniform (sailor hat, red sash, white shirt and blue or black pants for boys and skirts for girls). We use a variety of music, devotional time, game time, story time and of course snack time to help teach our children how to develop these Godly character traits. We also plan opportunities for the children to present skits and songs to the congregation so that they have the chance to share with parents and family what they are learning. Our program sessions run from January through May and then we have a second session that runs from September through November. New sailors are always welcomed!

Each week our children have the opportunity to sail on an exciting and rewarding adventure! Encourage your child to participate fully and your entire family will benefit.

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